What are the symptoms of HIV?

The symptoms of an early infection are very similar to many other diseases, including the common cold and can include fever, headache, rash, sore throat, chest infections, and vomiting. Given these symptoms occur frequently for many other diseases, the only way to know for sure is to get tested.

When Should I get Tested?

Better2Know has two testing options depending on how long ago your potential exposure was. 

  • For over 10 days you can choose our Early Detection Screen which is an HIV RNA test
  • For over 28 days you can choose our HIV Duo test

If you choose the Early Detection Screen, you should follow up at 28 days with the HIV Duo test.

I am really scared - Should I get the 10 day HIV test?

The 10 day test results take around three working days from receipt of the sample by the laboratory, so you will still receive your results faster than you would by waiting to take the 28 day test. The early detection test does have a higher rate of false positives (giving a positive result when in fact there is no HIV infection) than 28 days tests. If you choose the Early Detection screen, then you should retest at 28 days with an HIV DUO test.

How long does it take to get results?

Your results will be availabe the working day after your appointment.  

Are my results confidential?

Yes. The results are 100% confidential and will be known only to you and Better2Know. The results will not be shared with any third parties.