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Sexual Health Testing in Benoni

With Better2Know you can book an STI test in Benoni with confidence, as we are a company specialising in crucial HIV and STI testing. You can choose from the most comprehensive panel of tests to fit your needs. Your appointment will be carried out in clean and modern facilities and your sample will be taken by a nurse before being analysed at a leading accredited laboratory. Better2Know will also deliver you the fastest results, usually within three days from when the sample is received in the laboratory. Your appointment will be discreet and completely confidential. If your test is positive we will help you with the advice or medication you need. Our Benoni testing centre is open six days a week.

Centers in and around Benoni:

STI STD and HIV testing in Benoni

Getting tested for HIV and STIs is really important, especially if you have had unprotected sex with a partner. For men or women, undetected STIs can make you more vulnerable to other infections. Untreated STIs can also lead to long-term health complications. You could be at risk of infertility, complications during pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, damage to your immune system and possible life-threatening consequences. You may also pass the infection on to someone else. You could have an infection and not show symptoms so if you are sexually active you should be regularly tested to reduce your risk.

Better2Know offers a tailored panel of tests to fit your needs. We have individual HIV and STI tests and we also have the widest range of comprehensive screens. You may wish to opt for a Full STI Screen which includes tests for HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. All Better2Know screens have been designed by doctors and experts in sexually transmitted infections and your samples are analysed in South Africa’s highest quality accredited laboratories, so you can be assured that your results are accurate.

To book your appointment with full confidentiality please call us on the number above where our professional and friendly team will assist you. You can book your appointment for the same day or next day in Benoni. The appointment will be private and discreet and will not show on your medical records. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.