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Better2Know: Meeting Your HIV, STI Test Needs

Better2Know is the expert in HIV, STI and STD testing, serving thousands of patients every year. We have tailored our panels of tests to fit your needs, from individual tests to comprehensive panels designed by World Experts in the field of HIV and Sexual Health.

Better2Know has established an outstanding network of doctors, nurses and sample collection depots across South Africa. Through these partnerships, we bring you the widest and most comprehensive range of tests for Sexually Transmitted Infections. Better2Know is a world leader in STI testing serving the needs of thosands of patients around the world each year.

When you book with Better2Know we will make you an appointment with one of our partner centres specifying which tests you wish to have. Our partner clinicians will take your samples which will be analysed at one of South Africa's leading accredited pathology laboratories. Your test results will be reviewed by Better2Know's sexual health experts. If you test positive, you will be refered to a doctor who can provide you with advice and a prescription if necessary.

  • The most comprehensive range of STI tests available.
  • 100% Confidential service
  • The highest quality laboratory testing of your samples.
  • Locations across South Africa where we can take your samples.
  • Access to world leading specialists in STIs and their treatment.
  • A Company that specialises in STI testing, information, education and treatment.
  • Prescriptions for all the medicines you need to treat any STI or a referral to a specialist.
  • Non-judgemental people: We have heard it all before!

Our Comprehensive Range of STI Screens & Tests

As well as offering individual HIV and STI tests, Better2Know also offers a comprehensive set of health screens, which let you test for a selected range of infections from a single blood or urine sample. A selection of our most popular STI screens are shown below:

Fast HIV, STI, and STD Test Results from Our Clinics

When you are worried that you may have a sexually transmitted infection or disease (STI or STD) you want answers fast. With Better2Know, you can have a same or next day appointment at a clinic near you.  All your tests are carried out in SANAS Accredited Laboratories which deliver you the fastest results available.  All your HIV, STI and STD test results are 100% confidential between you and your Better2Know Doctor.

Better2Know delivers to you appointments for HIV, STI and STD testing at private GP clinics, hospitals, depots and nursing stations across South Africa.  Better2Know is South Africa's largest private provider of sexual health testing services with HIV, STI and STD Testing Clinics in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and many other locations. Please see our STD testing centres locations map to find a centre near you. Call us now for an appointment today.

Better2Know offers you a comprehensive range of screens and tests for HIV, STIs and STDs.  In addition to the above screens we have an Early Detection Screen, Peace of Mind Screen and Hepatitis Screen.  We can also test for HIV or any STI or STD individually.  See our STI prices page for more details.

Please note that Better2Know is a private company dedicated to helping you to access the best sexual health testing services in South Africa for accurate and fast results at a fixed price. It is not a medical practice, medical aid scheme, managed care organisation or insurance company.  We will be happy to provide you with a receipt for our services.

Personal Nurse Visit at Any Suitable Location of Your Choice

Better2Know’s Everywhere visiting nurse service brings the benefit of our quality tests and patient services to a location of your choosing, should you prefer to have a personal nurse come to take your samples. Our Everywhere service allows you to experience the professional, confidential patient journey offered by our private clinics in a place where you feel most comfortable. All you need to do is contact our expert Patient Services team with when, where and what screen or test you would like to have. One of our trained sexual health advisors within the team will then arrange for a fully trained nurse to visit you at a location of your preference, on a day and time that suits you. With our Everywhere visiting nurse service you can still have a comprehensive screen or test that may include common STIs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B. Your patient journey will remain simple, convenient and discreet coupled with accurate and efficient laboratory testing from our fully certified South African laboratory.