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Carletonville STI and HIV tests

Better2Know centres in Carletonville are open six days a week for Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) testing. You choose the STIs (sometimes called STDs) that you would like to be tested for. Whether you are concerned about HIV, Chlamydia or any other STI, you can book your confidential appointment anytime either online or by phone. Following your test, if your result shows positive signs of infection then we can arrange a confidential doctors consultation at no further charge so that you can discuss your results. All our appointments are confidential and can be anonymous - you do not need to give your real name.

Centers in and around Carletonville:

Carletonville Sexual Health

It is very important for you to look after your sexual health to protect yourself, any future partners and your children. Many STIs can lead to infertility if left untreated affecting your ability to have a family. The only way to be sure whether you have an STI is to have a professional test. Better2Know offers fast and anonymous appointments for a complete range of STI tests and screens.