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Sexual Health Testing in Edenvale

At Better2Know we have appointments available in Edenvale which offer complete confidentiality, anonymity and fast results. You can be assured that your appointment is with an established network of doctors and nurses and your sample will be sent to an accredited pathology laboratory to be analysed. Your test results will be reviewed by a Better2Know sexual health expert. Results are available online one to three days from the sample being received in the laboratory depending on the test you choose.

Centers in and around Edenvale:

STI STD and HIV testing in Edenvale

Leaving an STI or HIV untreated is very risky as it can cause major health problems some of which can be life threatening, It is important to get regular testing as some STIs can lie dormant or be present without symptoms for some time. Many STIs can cause pelvic pain, complications during pregnancy, and infertility in men and women. At Better2Know we know how vital STI and HIV screening can be and we are dedicated to giving you access to the best sexual health testing services in Edenvale.

Better2Know offers the widest range of tests for STIs and HIV. We have specially designed test profiles like our Peace of Mind Screen and our Early Detection Screen which enable you to test for several infections from a single urine or blood sample. We also have individual tests for STIs and we have one of the fastest tests available for HIV where you can get a result from just 10 days post-potential exposure. Your samples will be analysed in a SANAS accredited laboratory with the highest standards of quality giving you the fastest and most accurate results available. If your test does show an infection, do not worry. Better2Know will ensure you have access to specialist advice and treatment.

To book your appointment please call us on the 24 hour number above and our efficient and friendly booking team will assist you. Our booking team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.