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Sexual Health Testing in Hazyview

Better2Know is South Africa's leader in testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). We can offer you the most comprehensive range of tests available for Sexually Transmitted Infections. You can book an appointment at any of our private testing facilities where you will be provided with a confidential, convenient and discreet testing service.

When you attend your appointment you will be seen quickly and your samples will be taken by a professional nurse. The samples will be received into an accredited laboratory and analysed. Your test results will then be reviewed by a Better2Know sexual health expert within one to three days. If your results come back as positive for infection you can be referred to a doctor who will be able to give you a prescription and any advice you need.

Our Hazyview centre has appointments available five days a week, Monday to Friday

Centers in and around Hazyview:

STI STD and HIV testing in Hazview

Good sexual health is just as important as good physical health. Everyone who has a sexual relationship is at risk of an STI. You will not always know that you have an infection as often there may be no symptoms so testing is always important. Leaving an STI untreated can cause varying complications from pelvic pain, infertility, ectopic pregnancy and even chronic secondary infections. Reducing your risk of infection is important and sexual health screening is the only way to be sure.

If you think that you may have an STI then Better2Know provides an excellent service that will meet your HIV and STI testing needs. We have various individual tests available for specific infections. We also have a selection of Sexual Health Screens which have been designed to enable your sample to be tested for a range of infections. Sexual Health Screens require just one appointment. All our screens have been compiled by experts in sexually transmitted infections. Your samples will be sent to the highest quality accredited laboratories, giving you complete confidence in your results.

To book an appointment at a time to suit you please call the 24 hour number above. Our team friendly and professional team are available 7 days a week. Your Better2Know appointment will be efficient and discreet and we can offer you a same day or next day appointment at a depot near you. Testing with Better2Know is 100% confidential which means that your results will not go on your medical record. You can even use a false name if you wish to remain completely anonymous.