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Sexual Health Testing in Kriel

Better2Know is a leading specialist in confidential HIV and STI testing. We can offer you tests for HIV and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) at locations across South Africa and have a testing centre in Kriel available for your test.

With Better2Know you can book your appointment for the same day or next day in Kriel. You will be assured of a private, confidential and non-judgemental service and can remain anonymous if you prefer. When you attend your appointment our nurse will take your samples which will then be sent to one of South Africa’s leading SANAS accredited laboratories for analysis.

Your results will be available quickly, from 1 to 3 days after receipt at the laboratory. If your results are positive for infection do not worry. Better2Know can give you help and support and will refer you to a doctor if any treatment is needed.

Centers in and around Kriel:

HIV STI and STD testing in Kriel

You can have HIV or an STI and not notice any symptoms so it is important for everyone who has sex with a new partner to be tested regularly. Delayed screening and treatment of HIV and STIs can lead to health complications such as infertility in both men and women, complications during pregnancy, and other serious long term problems. The only way to be sure if you have an STI and could be risking your own health and the health of your partner is to have a professional STI test.

Better2Know is the leading healthcare company specialising in sexual health in South Africa. We can test for HIV and any STIs individually. We also have a range of tailored screens which have been designed by our experts to meet your needs. Our most frequently requested screens are our Early Detection Screen, Peace of Mind Screen and Full STI Screen.

To book an appointment in complete confidence please call us on the number above and speak to our dedicated and efficient team. You can request a same day or next day appointment for the best sexual health testing service in South Africa. You can book in the knowledge that you will have a private and confidential test with fast results. We also offer full anonymity so you do not have to use your own name to make the appointment. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.