Our Instant Chlamydia test is suitable from 14 days after any incident of concern. All Better2Know Instant tests are CE marked and clinically proven, giving you complete peace of mind surrounding your sexual health.

Where can I have this test?

Our Instant Chlamydia test is available in:

You can choose any combination of Instant tests. For a comprehensive STI test, you may want to consider our Instant Six Screen.


How long do results take?

Your Instant Chlamydia test result will be ready in about 20 minutes.

What samples are required?

Our Instant Chlamydia test requires a swab sample from a man’s urethra or a woman’s vagina. Collecting the sample can be a little uncomfortable, but it is important that we collect a sample of the cells that line the inside of the body. The Chlamydia bacteria live inside these cells, so to have the most accurate tests we need to collect some of these cells to analyse.

Chlamydia can infect your throat and rectum if you have engaged in oral or anal sex. To test for Chlamydia in these additional areas, we can also do so with a swab. However, the samples will need to be sent to our main laboratory for testing and the results will take a little longer (2 days). Please ask our friendly booking team for more information.

How does the test work?

The sample collected on the swab is then added to a special solution by your clinician, who will run the test. There will be one line to show that the test has worked and that you have tested negative, and two lines to shows if the test has worked and you have tested positive. Your clinician will be able to show you the test as it is run.

When can I have this test?

Before having your Instant Chlamydia test, you should wait at least 14 days from any incident you are concerned about. This period of two weeks is called the 'incubation period'. This is the time that should pass between the day you think you may have become infected and the day on which we test you.

It is important to ensure that this period of time has passed. By testing earlier, there may not be enough bacteria in the sample to give you an accurate test result.

Can both men and women have this test?

Both men and women can have this test. Please note that men will need to have a urethral swab, which can be uncomfortable for a short time.

What happens if I test positive?

If your Instant test result is positive, your Better2Know doctor will write you a prescription during your appointment for an antibiotic to treat the infection. This is included in the price of the Instant Chlamydia test, but you will need to visit a pharmacy to purchase your medication.

How can I book?

Call our friendly booking team based in Cape Town on the number above, or book securely online now.