The Better2Know Instant Herpes test provides rapid, highly accurate testing for Herpes. With this test, you will receive your results in just 20 minutes whilst you wait in the clinic. All our instant tests are CE marked and clinically proven, providing the most accurate testing available in South Africa for your peace of mind.

The Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is highly contagious. There are two types: HSV 1 and HSV 2. Type 1 is primarily found near the mouth and lips, often causing cold sores. Type 2 is usually found in the genital area, causing sores or blisters which may be painful. However, it is possible to find HSV 1 in the genital area and HSV 2 around the mouth. The only way to be sure which type of the virus you have (if any) is to get tested.

What are the testing options?

There are three Better2Know Instant Herpes tests available:

  • Instant Herpes 1
  • Instant Herpes 2
  • Instant Herpes 1 & 2

You can choose whether to test for both types of the virus or just one type. Learn more on our Herpes page.

Where can I have this test?

Our Instant Herpes tests are available in selected clinics in:


Our Instant tests aim to relieve your sexual health concerns as quickly as possible. You will receive your Herpes result within 20 minutes while you wait in our clinic.

What samples are required?

To test for Herpes, you simply need to provide a small sample of blood. Your trained clinician will collect your sample using a finger prick lancet, so it is quick and painless. Both HSV 1 and HSV 2 can be detected with a blood test.

When can I have this test?

Our Instant Herpes test has an incubation period of 14 days. This is the length of time between any incident of concern and your test. Before getting tested, it is important to let two weeks pass after a sexual encounter to ensure that your test result is accurate.

If you currently have symptoms, you do not need to wait to get tested.

Can both men and women have this test?

Yes, the Instant Herpes test is suitable for both men and women. The procedure is the same for everyone.

What happens if the test is reactive?

In the case that your test is reactive, Better2Know can provide advice and guidance about what to do next. There is no cure for Herpes, but there are steps you can take to manage outbreaks and minimise their severity in the future.

It is important to refrain from having sex during an outbreak where visible sores are present, to avoid passing the virus to your partner.

How can I book?

Book your Instant Herpes test securely online by selecting Book Now. Alternatively, you can phone our experienced booking team on the number above.